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Query Letters Writing - How to Write an Agent QueryWriting Query Letters – Submit your question below now about how to write an agent query, and get answers from a former NY Times bestselling literary agent. Just make sure you also click here to check out our free 15-part training called How to Write a Query Letter. It will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about writing an agent query–and everything you never knew to ask.

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What question would you ask about writing query letters if you could sit down with a former literary agent willing to to give you query letter help? Well, this is your chance. I’m a former book agent and there’s an online comment form below where you can submit your question.

You can ask me literally anything
about writing query letters…

For example:

  • What is an agent query letter?
  • What’s the best agent query length?
  • What’s the difference between an agent query and a book synopsis?
  • What’s the most popular agent query format?
  • Is there a sample agent query, agent query example, or agent query template you can model?
  • What’s an agent query hook–and what’s the best one to use?
  • What is a SASE?
  • What is the best query letter format and email query format?
  • How can you tell what query letter advice to follow–and what to ignore?
  • And, where can you get an agent query critique?

Actually, I answer all those questions here in my free 15-part Guidelines On How to Write a Query Letter. So make sure you read it thoroughly before you post a question.


You might be wondering why I’m answering questions
here about writing query letters, free of charge.

It’s simple, really.

First, I know what it’s like–I’m an author too, so I know what it means to pour your heart into a manuscript that you want to see read by lots of people. I also know how competitive the publishing industry is, and sometimes one “little” tip or suggestion from a publishing industry insider like me can make all the difference.

So, fire away…

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About Writing Query Letters

Oh, I should also tell you that no question about writing query letters is too big or too small–and there’s no such thing as a stupid question in my book.


So ask me anything below now
about writing query letters.

All my best,


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